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Hartwell is another one of those guys who makes plays for his team but get's limited pubilicity because of the people around him (much like Sharper) with Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Peter Boulware, Ed Reed and Chris McCallister around him Edge Hartwell is not going to get a huge amount of limelight but no doubt he is a talent and would make an Awesome addidition to the LB core.

Pretaining to Peek, we is ready for every down I can bet on it. And about that fighting with people, in my opinion with a couple games of starting experience that's going to go away. He WILL grow out of that. He adds FIRE to the team that I love. We could trade Wong away for at late 2nd.


Do you know how beautiful that could be???

Warning to ALL teams, We have D-Rob and PB so please don't throw...
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