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From everything I saw this season we need.

1.) A pass rush: This is the biggest hole in the entire team. We put almost no pressure on the other teams passer. This could be fixed in many ways. DT, DE, LB.

2.) Pass Protection: This got better as the year went on so its hard to rip them like I want to. However, I will do it anyway. They at times are like a swinging door letting the pass-rush get to Carr.

3.) Stopping the run: Too much to go into as to why we aren't great at this. I just wish we could draft D.J. from UT. He could really fill more then one need.

Anyway, I know we have more needs then that. Like a good second option for Carr in the passing game, but I would much rather end up like the Ravens with a great Defense then be like the Chiefs in that every games final score looks like a basketball game.
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