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Difficult situation. Trading up into late 1st using a 2nd & 3rd & 4th could make sense if we found a really good FS or OT/G/C that we liked. If we chose to not take Rolle at 13, we could drop to late 1st, gain a second & 3rd and get Spear.

Still to early to dream this big, but what if Rogers doesn't creep into the top back to get Rogers (CB) and trade up to get best available D-line.
That would be very nice!

Problem...O-linemen in FA/Trades haven't worked to this point (Wade, Randall, Weigert, Washington, McKinney). All are average, none are "getting it done". And nor has the draft (Weary, Pitts, Hill){jury still out on WAND}. But the fact remains, if David Carr was only sacked 12 times this year (like Manning) He would have taken us into the playoff. I's that simple. He was running for his life due to HORRIBLE pass protection. Do we sack the O-line coach? No...he's too new. Maybe after another off-season, they'll gel better. So the question begs, how do we fix the oline. I'd stay away from an LT cause I think WAND could be that guy. But our interior line is starting guys who should be back-ups. Maybe an awesome CENTER is what we need.
Kreutz type player. I think Milford Brown will come around by end of 2005 when we're getting ready to ditch Weigert. My brain hurts and we haven't even hit the Pro-bowl yet.
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