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Just what we need--another TE that is hurt all the time. You said Miami is becoming TE U........not only that but TE with a Big Mouth U. I don't know much about this Everrett kid, but if he is another guy with a big mouth, just forget about it. I don't want a guy coming in as maybe a 3rd rounder and wanting 2nd rounder money and then holding out.

Is Alex Holmes #86 for USC? If he is he could be a steal. Did you see that one handed touchdown catch he made? You talk about a TE having some hands......and if he can block like you say you can then how come this guy ain't being talked about more? I'm not good with names, but I watched a lot of USC games this year and #86, if it is Holmes, was Leinhart's primary receiver early in the year while Steve Smith was hurt and Jarrett hadn't come on yet and he showed leadership during that period which I like. Maybe we can get him with are 2nd 3rd round pick and he could be a steal.
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