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Default Re: Anybody using Superfan DirecTV?

Originally Posted by BigWig View Post
I have been a customer for over 10 years, whats the best line to hit them with?
I really love the service but dont want to pay any more??
I have been a customer for a long time how wbout a deal?
Why do I pay extra, my neighbor doesnt?

Please advise oh gr8 one!
I just threaten to cancel and they will more than likely give it to you. Ask to speak to a supervisor. I also said that they have offered SuperFan for free during the NFL draft and for new customers. Do you subscribe to HD access also. I told them that I have been a great customer for 5 years and I always pay my bill on time and I am already paying for HD and Sunday ticket, I should get the games in HD.

If you dont subscribe to HD, I would just say I have been a loyal subscriber for 10 years and you give it away to new subscribers and do nothing for your loyal customers.
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