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Originally Posted by Vinny
Hey, you may be right, but I just see the fire and replace mentality prevalent among our fans when the team stated early on that they are the draft and groom type of organization. If you are going to throw down examples of guys like Bennett you should look up his career stats first.

Personally, I think Gaffney is a guy who will have a career close to Muhsin Muhammad. He was the Gaffney of his team in the sense that his own fans never really appreciated him until this season.

I was referring to this year. I mentioned guys who all had good seasons this year. If AJ got hurt I don't see Gafney doing half of what Muhammad did this season. 1400 yds and 16 TDs? Gafney will never put up those numbers. That's what the Texans should look for in a number 2. A guy who is good enough to step up and be the number 1 when needed. I think Mike Williams could be that guy. Gafney will always be a good 3rd option. I just don't know that he'll ever be good enough to effectively take the pressure off of AJ. He just doesn't have the size or strength. But that's my opinion.
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