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Default Smart Ball Club - Smart Players

There's not a lot in the print these days, but what there is is beginning to impress me a lot. For one, we have a number of people learning new positions and adapting fairly well by most accounts. That's a sign of some smart players with very good attitudes. There are other quotes and comments that seem to indicate similar things. I certainly hope I'm right, because I think we may just out think some people this year, as well as, out play them physically. I'm looking forward to when we can wave our magic WADE WANDS. I'm pretty certain you have yet to see the real David. If our O-line becomes a brick wall, then I think some people are going to be in for a real surprise as to what we are capable of doing offensively. Right now we look on paper a whole lot better than last year. That could translate into some big wins this year. Right now, I would say there isn't a game we can't win based on last year's performance and the improvements we have made this year. We took NE to the wall, so I don't see why there isn't a game we can't win. Can hardly wait for the training camp and preseason to start.
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