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Default Receivers in Draft.........

I think that one of our biggest problems that no one has really mentioned is that...........we don't have a #2 reciever. Think about it. Corey Bradford is a speedy guy with no hands and Jabar Gaffney is more of the slot-3rd down type of guy. I think we should look into taking a receiver in the 2nd. I doubt that Bryon Edwards will last until the 13th, but if Mike Williams is there........I don't know where Mike Williams will be taken. In my opinion he is one of the Top 5 guys in this draft. With his year out of football, it could hurt his draft status. If he is still there at #13 which I doubt, but if he is we shouldn't even have to think about taking him. Just imagin AJ and WIlliams running around. It would improve Carr's numbers greatly and he would LOVE to have those 2 guys in one WR corps. Plus it would take presure off of our OL, Carr would be able to get the ball out quicker and teams would have to drop more guys back to play coverage instead of blitzing.

But who are some guys that could be in the 2nd round? Chris Henry from WVU might be their. This guy has loades of talent......but his attitude is a HUGE problem. I don't know if we could fix it, and if we can't we don't want him in our locker room. What about Throupe or whatever his name is from FSU? Parrish from Miami came out, I wonder what his value would be. What are some other guys out there?
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