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Not so fast that is all not true. Yeah Monday Night Football always makes the mistake that they load up the schudele of last years playoff teams, and with all the paraity in the league, a lot of those teams go to the top and then to the bottom.

I think Monday Night Football should be worked like this: There are 16 Monday Night Games a year, plus that season opener on the Thursday Night. Week 17 does not have a Monday Night Game. 16x2 is 32, so why not just give all of the 32 teams on slot on Monday Night? That way its not the same 12 teams on all the time, and each get their prime time shot. Its only fair.........

Plus remember this year MNF put on the Bengals because they thought they were an up and coming team and they haven't been on for like 10 years. Maybe they will see us as an up and coming team and put us on 1 time this year because we have never been on. You never know changes are coming I think to MNF..............their ratings were the lowest ever, but it seems like your saying that every year...............
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