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Originally Posted by fresno8
Remeber AJ didn't have the best hands coming out of Miami, either. Bottom line we just need an athlete who can block and stretch the field. We can live with him improving his hands for a year as long as he makes some big plays and can block. He could help open up the outside of the field by being able to get in the seam in the middle. I would like to see this guy in a Texans uniform. I'd also like to see a good young lineman and power runner. And hopefully a great o-lineman via FA
i know that but andre could catch ten times better than kevin. andre still made plays inspite of his catching. kevin doesn't have the chance because he can't get the ball. also the fact that he was hurt some this season will hurt his stock. it all depends on what he runs at the combine and pro day, probably in the 4.5's which will probably put him in the second. wags can correct me, but watson wasn't the best te but he was a physical freak, 4.5 and a 500 lb bench and went in the first so who knows. yeah miami is turning into te u, look out for greg olsen and they just took dajleon farr out of north shore, the #1 te in the country, from lsu.
"He's a bad dude, I'd like to have him in our arsenal. I'd never run the ball."
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