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Originally Posted by Grid
... I think the problems with our pass rush can be laid at the feet of our Dline. a more dominant Dline would tie up olines better, and free up our OLBs...
I agree, but I would add a comment. The Texans use the 3-4 as their base, but freely switch to a 4-2 (with the D-line operating as a 4-3 ie. 2 DEs and 2 DTs) when they go to nickle. Because teams will frequently pass on first down as well as 'passing situations' (ie. when the D is in nickle), the Texans need to generate pss rush with both 3 DL and 2 OLB and with 2 DEs and 2DTs.

In addition, in modern football with a lot of specialization, D lineman often share reps. Accordingly, when the Texans activate 5 DL on gameday, they could have some DL who specialize as 4-2 pass rush DTs (like Walker) and some who are more suited as 3-4 DL (like Payne), although of course, they can still fill in reps in the other substitution packages.

I guess what I'm saying is that while the Texans use 3 DT type 2-gap DL to swallow blockers in the 3-4, they could really use a penetrating DT to use with Walker when they are in their nickle packages. Push up front will result in the most disruption of the offense and sacks.
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