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Originally Posted by Lucky
So are the young players more likely or less likely to get better? David Carr has gotten better every year. So has Andre Johnson. Domanick Davis. So have guys like Faggins, Peek, & Gaffney. I think Jason Babin will improve. I'll venture that even Dunta Robinson's play will rise. If weight programs, mini camps, & training camps didn't make a difference, they wouldn't bother with them. The Texans are not in a static mode. There is absolutely no reason, real reason, that the Texan can't improve to the point where they're playoff contenders in '05.
Nobody knows if they will get better. Did Gary Walker get better? How about Billy Miller? Kris Brown? Chuck Staley? You are only guessing that Robinson will get better -- many rookies declined after a great first season. Ever hear of the sophomore curse? And do you think that the other 31 teams are going to sit back and not go to the weight programs, mini-camps, etc. and just let "The Team" get better without getting better themselves? There are MANY reasons to be patient with "The Team" and have realistic expectations. This team has some obstacles to clear before they should even be considered a playoff contender. I am sure most fans outside this town don't see the Texans as much of a threat to be in the playoffs. Capable of winning a game here and there, yes. But not the playoffs. I agree with them. They are still at least a year away. Get back to me in 2006.
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