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Originally Posted by Vinny
I guess you are a new fan. We installed a two-TE package we practiced all pre-season and never used it due to Joppru's injury and our talent limitations. You cannot run heavy TE offense with Billy Miller or Mark Breunner as your primary TE's. Breunner was brought here as a secondary blocking TD and Miller was a check down on an expansion team with no real WR or RB talent....but if we cut him he would have a hard time getting PT anywhere in the NFL.

"We" don't know that. Myself, I think he has marginal NFL talent.
First of all, you are talking about something that has never been done for the very reason you brought up, so it's all pie-in-the-sky for now. As for Miller, he does have some talent. Marginal, maybe, but he does have some potential. He showed that in Year #1. As far as how that talent should be currently used with Davis around, I can't say if it would be an improvement to divert more passes to him or not.
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