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Originally Posted by Lucky
The 3rd year 2004 Houston Texans will not make the playoffs. You are correct, sir.

But the Texans haven't gone through the free agency period. Or the draft. Or training camp. Or the preseason. When they do, they'll no longer be the 3rd year 2004 Houston Texans. They'll become the 2005 (drop the expansion tag, please) Houston Texans. And we can't really make an informed prediction on what the Texans will look like until the team goes through those phases. Let's at least get through that before we start making blanket statements like "The Texans can't..."
Fact is, whether you drop the expansion tag or not, they ARE just three years removed from being an expansion team. That's not very long. And I don't believe I ever made a statement that said, "The Texans can't ... " do anything. I have said that it's too much to expect them to achieve playoff status when they've never even had a .500 season under their belts in their brief history. And no matter what the draft, free agency, training camp or the preseason will bring, the bulk of this team will still be the same. And at this time, that team -- as well as any newcomers -- will need at least another year of seasoning before they are playoff contenders.
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