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Originally Posted by jacquescas
Wow this is the most negative i've seen this board in a couple years.

you guys are such Debbie Downers...

There is still a draft where we have 4 first day picks... Free agency where we have no major players up for free agency, so the bulk of our team will be back next year.
It is NOT a negative statement to say I don't expect the team to jump from 7-9 three years removed from its birth after losing to the worst team in the league at home less than a week ago into the playoffs in one year! In fact, to say that they WILL make that jump could be VERY detrimental to the team and its future. After all, using the Berkleyan philosophical approach, if everybody were to unrealistically expect that and it didn't happen, then Capers would be fired before the cake was baked and we'd have to start all over again. It is a very dangerous game to set expectations too high.
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