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Originally Posted by infantrycak
And you have no reasoning at all--so the only way for a team to make the same results leap the Chargers did is to have had the same 20 years of history before--that is beyond whacked.

What the heck is your point with Seau in the 1st place? You acted at first like he left in disgust, which (a) is wrong and (b) has nothing to do with the Chargers' improvement this year.
Um, nothing comes easy in this world or the NFL and for you to expect a team that is just three years removed from its birth to jump from being a 7-9 team that just lost to one of the worst teams in the NFL a matter of days ago into a playoff contender next year presto, change-o is, well, "beyond whacked." And the point I was getting in regards to Seau is he was around for the lean years when he played his heart out for a losing team and knows exactly what it's like to go through the lean, tough years and see the team finally change things around.
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