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Originally Posted by HJam72
I think we're putting way too much emphasis on a single game here, mostly just because it was the last game of the season. I don't think winning 2 more next year is too much to ask. I'm not even asking for play-offs, necessarilly. I just want more wins next year than losses.

There's something else here too. We're looking at this season as if this season should tell us what to expect from this team next year. That's like grading on an extremely friendly curve there. The worse they do, the easier we grade them? I'm not saying they did that bad this year, but I'm looking at what I really think we should expect from a 4th year team (who is supposedly going somewhere), regardless of what they've done the past 3 years. All this year, I was expecting 8 wins, but thought 7 would be exceptable. I really never changed my opinion of that. When they were 4-3, I thought they might to much better (maybe even 10 wins), but I never changed my mind about what I expected. It was always 8, but 7 gets a passing grade. If this team wins 8 games next year, I will not feel like my statements here were wrong. I will feel like my expectations were not met and that this team is not progressing enough to be sure about everyone's job--I mean, if it were up to me, which it's not, anyway, lol. Maybe I'll buy it when I'm a billionaire next year. Yeah, that'd be cool.
If we are putting too much emphasis on it, then so are the players. The players themselves were saying how important a win was before the game on Sunday, how they would go into next season with the taste of that game in their mouths. They are still saying that to this day. So if the players are doing it, I don't see anything wrong with us doing it as well. I personally doubt there are a lot of players walking around talking about playoffs next year after last week's debacle.
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