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Originally Posted by Wolf
The Browns game wasn't the deciding factor on whether or not we were playoff ready. To me it happened the first week of November and I knew we weren't playoff ready. What happened that week? well we went on a streak of 4 out of 5 wins in a row (Oakland,K.C.Tennesse and Jacksonville (lost to Minnesota)) and the media comes out and mentions the dreaded "playoff" word.. Wins sugarcoat things (i.e. lack of passrush,stopping the run, and giving up 3rd down conversions)..and when the media mentioned the "P" word things got buzzing in Houston.. Well we play 2 playoff bound teams in a row at,at their place mind you and get blown out by a combo of 80-27 (denver and indy) ... that is when I knew we weren't playoff ready.. it wasn't just the Browns game
I think you are confusing being playoff contenders this year with being contenders next year. Yes, some folks were talking playoffs for this year for awhile. That idea was snuffed out after the Denver, Indy and NYJ games. Then after the Bears and Jax games, we honestly began to think, "Well, maybe NEXT year!" The Browns game did that idea in.
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