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Originally Posted by trijcomm
We COULD have been a step closer to the playoffs but the Browns game brought me to my senses. Yes, I changed my expectations based on the fact that we were 7-8 and had a home game against a team that had lost nine games in a row, was mailing it in and was a 10-point underdog. Forgive me for expecting a win -- I guess I should have known better after watching this same team get drubbed by the Bengals in their first year after being favored in similar fashion. Yes, one bad last game of the season made me reassess the situation. It's called a dose of reality. You might try one tonight before you hit the hay. :cat:
So if the PATs would have lost to Miami the last game of the season should we have taken them out of the playoffs, the idea of a team that has only been around 3 years brings inconsistancy. Everything about the team is new, they have not had a lot of time to adjust to the system, that is why they shutout a playoff conteder and then loose to the browns. If you did not realize that that would still be happening in the third year of existance you would not have believed at the beginning of the year that they would go 7-9 because we really didn't face 9 teams with better talent. The texans have a lot of talent but they are just inconsistant wich is why they are an EXPANISION team. You saw two games that could very well signal what is to come next year if we can clear away some of the inconsistancies the texans have. then just because they lost to a brows team that was "mailing it in" (I guess in some universe far far away that means the same thing as an interim head coach trying to keep his job, and a team trying not to set a record for most consecutive losses) thier whole season is now a failure.
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