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Originally Posted by Vinny
It takes about 3 years to turn an existing franchise around. I think it takes about 5 years to totally build one from scratch. We are going into year 4. We are right on pace.

Seau was released because he wasn't cutting it anymore? Yes, that is pretty accurate. He lost a step and was part of why the Chargers defense was getting old and exploited. His big complaint his last years at SD was he busted his assignments too often trying to do too much and he wasn't the player he was before so the results were not the same.
Uh, three years ago, the Texans franchise wasn't even "existing!" You seem to forget that "The Team" is barely out of its cradle. And even you admit it takes five years to build one from scratch. It seems to me that you are just too impatient. Oh, and the last time I heard, Seau is still in the NFL -- at a pretty nice salary, as I recall.
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