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Originally Posted by MichaelMC
So now your telling me that after one win against a mediocre team in chicago and a great performance in a divisional rivalry that we were a step closer to the playoffs. Does that mean that Miami is a step closer because they beat thier division rilvals the PATs. So you changed your expectaions based on that principal and are now disappointed because they only met your original expectations and not your new found hope based on 8 quarters of football. but 4 quarters is enough to get you dicouraged and say we have barely progressed. One bad last game of the season you did a complete 180 on your expectation.

Hey a bandwagon is coming by better jump on!!!!!!
We COULD have been a step closer to the playoffs but the Browns game brought me to my senses. Yes, I changed my expectations based on the fact that we were 7-8 and had a home game against a team that had lost nine games in a row, was mailing it in and was a 10-point underdog. Forgive me for expecting a win -- I guess I should have known better after watching this same team get drubbed by the Bengals in their first year after being favored in similar fashion. Yes, one bad last game of the season made me reassess the situation. It's called a dose of reality. You might try one tonight before you hit the hay. :cat:
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