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Originally Posted by hou059
Yeah I am going to try out. I got my outfit picked out and everything. You still trying out or are you backing out of it like last season? I hardly think we aim next season for what should have happened this season. 8-8 next season is just dumb man. Next year expectations are still high. I really understand what you are saying but don't act as if being 8-8 changes alot of things. This team really improved this season, try looking harder and not just at the record. Say the Texans were to win 10 straight and drop their final six, on paper 10-6 looks great but but how would you rank their season. There is a lot more to the Texans than their sub-par record indicates. Oh, I tried those moves last year at tryouts and they didn't work.
If you are shooting higher than 8-8 next year when so many weaknesses were revealed to us by one of the worst teams in the league last Sunday, then you are shooting way, way too high. 8-8 for a third-year franchise is fantastic. 7-9 is so-so. Still a losing season. The team improved, but they didn't REALLY improve if they got blown out more than they did last year and regressed in sacks allowed. If the Texans won 10 straight and then lost their last six, then obviously they would be headed in the wrong direction -- doncha think? This year, the Texans were riding somewhat high with two road wins -- even though their offense was struggling in both games. They shut out a playoff contender on the road and were riding high. But then they were brought back to earth and a rather scary reality last week at home by a very, very poor team that was just mailing it in. BTW, I'm sorry those other moves didn't get you on the squad last year. Try this one next time around. I know it's a longer routine, but it might work. I've seen the Texans cheerleaders do this exact routine.
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