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I agree that while Hansen makes a couple decent points...go ask a Saints or Cardinals fan if they want anymore help digging their holes deeper.

I truly think that the salary cap and the draft structure brings much more pairety to the league (as intended). Look at the playoff teams since the cap was instituted...almost every team in the league has had a shot in the playoffs. There are some pro athletes that make more than the starting 11 defense of some teams out ONE SEASON.

My real belief is that we could go to a total merit based salary system and do away with the cap. Establish a league minimum, and develop an equation for each position that gives them bumps for positive stats, play off appearences, Conference titles, and SB titles. I like the idea of giving a bonus to the base salary of a player incrementally based on number of years with a team and that money would need to come from the league. That way loyalty is rewarded and guess can never under produce on your contract.

When watching the NFL draft I saw the discussion on this topic with the players that were there providing some color commentary. Takeo Spikes said that he feels totally justified in seeking another team or holding out if he is out preforming his salary at his position...I buy that to a certain extent. Now here is the kicker...he said that he fully expects to be paid to the letter of his contract if he is under preforming as well...which I don't buy and call BS on.
That type of attitude is one reason I like the merit based salary and owner would love it but the NLFPA would rather throw themself in front of a bus than except it.
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