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Default Re: Where do you sit?

Originally Posted by SheTexan View Post
Section 116 row C and row N. BULLPEN BABY!!!!

If we could EVER get ticketmaster and corp seats OUT of the Bullpen, there would be no better place for a diehard fan than the Bullpen. Unfortunately, opposing teams fans will pay big bucks for a ticket there, compliments of ticket brokers and TEXAN FANS who will sell to anyone!! To me this is disgusting!! BUT, it is a rowdy place, and TEXAN fans by far out number the fans who wear the wrong color jersey.
Ticketmaster? Are there tix in the BP that do not belong to season ticket holders?

I moved from 115 across the field. The sun sucks. Especially when the staff refuses to open doors in the concourse to get a breeze going.
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