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Originally Posted by infantrycak
Yeah, having a QB in that completes 67.8% of his passes vs. 49% of his passes made zero difference in the game--sure. Didn't say the only difference--said "something to do with it."
We're talking about the game vs. the Texans. He wasn't so great in that game, throwing only one TDP and offering up 2 INTs while throwing for less than 250 yards. And remember, 43 of his passing yards came on a play early in the game where our defensive guy blew the coverage and let the ball go right through his arms. The CB's poor play in that situation made the difference -- not Holcomb's stellar play. I hardly think he had all that much to do with the Texans collapse. True, he wasn't completely inept like Luke McCown. But Holcomb was mediocre at best.
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