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Originally Posted by trijcomm
An 8-8 record would have been a definite milestone since, bottom line, you judge a team by its wins and losses and 8-8 is a non-losing season -- a successful season for a team in just its third year. Last year "The Team" had a lot of close games as well but they only won five. Sending Andre Johnson to the Pro Bowl is more of an individual reward that deals with only one facet of the game. How you can say we "finished strong" when the offense was so putrid in those last three games is beyond me. We did NOT "finish strong" and we had a lot of bad games in there (Denver, Indy, the Jets and the Browns) that were routs -- something we didn't have much of last year. And believe me, a #13 draft pick IS NOT a "really high draft pick." The 8-8 season is a HUGE difference compared to 7-9. It would have shown that we were no longer a losing franchise. Now we will need at least another year to hit that pinnacle. Yes, there was some improvement in 2004 but the fact that we couldn't finish it out and get to 8-8 drops the accomplishment down a notch or two. In the NFL, one game can mean an awful lot in judging the team. And you can also make an argument that making the playoffs is not that big an accomplishment either. After all, who cares if you make the playoffs and get bumped in the first game? Baby steps, baby steps. An 8-8 season would have been a giant step. But 7-9 is a baby step.
A milestone? 8-8 is hardly that. Who cares what people say about the think that matters. 7-9 is an improvement from 5-11 plain and simple and look at how the Texans played this season. Swept the Jags, swept the Titans. Played the best offense in the NFC down to the wire. That says alot to me. You want to argue that The Texans didn't finish strong? As if people are going to look at the Texans and think "Hmmmm, they finished 8-8, they got my respect!" Do you respect the Vikings or the Rams? I know I don't! one game is not going to make people respect this team nor does it mean that we have arrived. how much does it matter that the Texans are 7-9, that means we are losers? In who's eyes? You act as if this sets the organization back a year...give me a break. You're telling me that there wasn't much improvement this season, your basing that on the fact the Texans didn't finish 8-8? Stop looking at the record and look at the big picture. Carr played the whole season and gained so much experience. Our defense turned it up towards the end of the season and imo made giant strides. The team won back to back games more than once this season. That's going to make for a great 2005 season. 7-9 doesn't make this team losers...losing every game, quitting on a game and playing like bush-leaguers makes a team losers. Under-achieving makes a team losers. In my eyes the Texans are winners and proved it to me this season. I guess I am just too big of a fan with all my Rah-Rah, huh? Had the Texans won that last game and ended the season 8-8 does not erase the blow-out wins you spoke of Or erase the putrid offense you mentioned? it sure doesn't, it doesn't do anything for the team other than look good on paper and give people some sort of false hope. Like finishing 8-8 means we are going to the Super Bowl next season or winning our division next season. Vikings and St. Louis finsih 8-8, talk about underachivers!
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