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Originally Posted by Doug
IMO, if you couldn't base anything on one guy as far as how good or bad he is in part to his stats and you had to consider the whole line as a unit and not as individuals then you would have the whole OL of a team going to the pro bowl and not a particular person. To act like the stats of an o lineman are meaningless is......well meaningless.
Um, the whole line of a team that is successful DOES go to a bowl game.

It's called the Super Bowl -- the only bowl game in the NFL that really counts. Nobody goes there without stellar team line play.

As far as the Pro Bowl goes, it's considered a joke. The method of voting is a joke, the players chosen are a joke, and the participants themselves see it as a joke. The Pro Bowl is hardly an example to use to prove that line play is an individual rather than a unit enterprise since it isn't any kind of indicator whatsoever. Players were canceling out of the Pro Bowl game all the time until they moved it to Hawai. Don't you remember Barry Switzer eating a hot dog on the sidelines when he was coaching in one of those Pro Bowls?
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