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Originally Posted by hou059
I hardly think that an 8-8 record shows we are on the rise. Yes, it would look good but three wins in a row and two of those wins against sub-par teams doesn't say allot to me. The way they played from behind against K.C. and Minnesota told me all I needed to know. Those games told me that The Texans are on the rise. Sending Andre Johnson to the Pro-Bowl says we are on the rise and playing two rookies on defense one of who is respected and though so highly of by other teams tells me that we are on the rise. We have allot of fight in us and we have the talent to do great things but putting it all together will come with time. Being 8-8 doesn't mean we are winners but does it mean we aren't losers? I mean we still finished thrid in our division and missed the play-offs. I don't agree with people's statements about having an 8-8 record. I think we finished strong, we had a meltdown in week 17 but overall we played well and surprised a few people along the way. Plus we still got a really high draft pick for next year, so it's looking good and honestly, unless we were going to the playoffs I wouldn't trade our 7-9 season for an 8-8 or 9-7 record.
An 8-8 record would have been a definite milestone since, bottom line, you judge a team by its wins and losses and 8-8 is a non-losing season -- a successful season for a team in just its third year. Last year "The Team" had a lot of close games as well but they only won five. Sending Andre Johnson to the Pro Bowl is more of an individual reward that deals with only one facet of the game. How you can say we "finished strong" when the offense was so putrid in those last three games is beyond me. We did NOT "finish strong" and we had a lot of bad games in there (Denver, Indy, the Jets and the Browns) that were routs -- something we didn't have much of last year. And believe me, a #13 draft pick IS NOT a "really high draft pick." The 8-8 season is a HUGE difference compared to 7-9. It would have shown that we were no longer a losing franchise. Now we will need at least another year to hit that pinnacle. Yes, there was some improvement in 2004 but the fact that we couldn't finish it out and get to 8-8 drops the accomplishment down a notch or two. In the NFL, one game can mean an awful lot in judging the team. And you can also make an argument that making the playoffs is not that big an accomplishment either. After all, who cares if you make the playoffs and get bumped in the first game? Baby steps, baby steps. An 8-8 season would have been a giant step. But 7-9 is a baby step.
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