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Originally Posted by TexanBacker55
Bengals were on Monday Night Football this year so you don't have to be a playoff team. Heck, you don't have to be playoff caliber it looks like. It's definitely a possibility this season. It's the premier stadium in the land and usually Texans home games are good affairs. I'd like to see the Steelers and Texans on MNF.

I have a gut feeling that the Texans will play at Dallas on Thanksgiving 2006.

ABC will still get stuck with some bad games. Remember, as the rule states now, they get to choose from the games shown by the network that has only 1 national game that week and the network gets to protect one game. The only way the Texans would be on Fox is when the Rams or Seahawks come to Reliant and neither of those teams would garner MNFs attention.

They should change the rules, but I don't know if CBS or FOX want to give up any control.
yeah but they were in play-off contention, and had vastly improved from the season before ! We have not even made a push for the play-offs, so its highly unlikly we'd get a MNF game. They want games that will attract viewers, and obviously the Texans dont get much recognition.
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