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Hovan signed a 5 year $5 million contract with a $3 million signing bonus. Smith signed a contract for 6 years worth $26.3 million with a $8.35 million signing bonus. Thats roughly $5,775,000 a year. Walker signed a $36 million including an upfront sum of $11 million. Roughly $7,833,333 a year

I doubt very seriously Hovan will command that kind of money. Kendrick Clancy of the Steelers tested the FA market last year and got a 1 year deal for $605,000. Brandon Noble got a four-year, $7 million contract from the Redskins last year as well. The closest comparision in my opinion to the contract Hovan would get this year is that of the Brian Youngs contract of last year where he went from St Louis to the Saints for 4 years totaling $10 million with a $4 million dollar bonus. Roughly $3,500,000 a year.
I think the play of Hovan over that year or so reflects Brian Youngs contribution and stature, thus I feel he won't be paid near what the Robaire and others got.
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