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Originally Posted by ledzeppelin269
I don't think the "capers is a defensive guy" thing holds up with the line. I have a feeling Palmer and Pendry play a much larger role.

And while the stat line above may have it's flaws, it's the closest thing to stats that you can measure them by. They don't gain yards or make tackles to give a real number to go by. (Of course tackles can be overrated as well)
My whole point is that there are NO relevant individual stats that can be used to judge an OL, so the "closest thing" isn't good enough to use in this case. After all, who gets the blame when a CB blitz sacks the QB? And what about stunts? Who gets the blame there? And what about the infamous R. Johnson -- the Sad Sack of the NFL who held the ball for about two minutes every snap waiting for five yards of separation between he and his receiver before throwing the ball? Who gets the blame for that? The OL plays as a unit and no individual can be singled out and graded as easily as a back who gains 1300 yards and scores 10 TDs. "Skill position" players are much easier to assess than linemen. And you can't expect Capers to be a jack of all trades. He has his expertise and must rely on others to whip other departments into shape. After all, you could blame the departed Sam Walton if you don't get serviced properly at the local Walmart, but in reality it's the manager of the department who is responsible.
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