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Originally Posted by infantrycak
Now I will buy that stats on CB's are virtually meaningless. Stats on other players have to be taken into perspective, but OL stats as above aren't all that bad. Wand either did or did not get called for holding and false starts. Compare Pitts in his 1st year at 9 and Wand at 3--that is meaningful--just ask the they aren't coached well because they commit false starts crowd. As for the sacks given up, you will notice they share responsibility for sacks where appropriate, hence the .5's in places. You can add up the accredited sacks for any team and find they also lay some on the TE's and RB's. Bottom line, I will trust this source less than my personal review of the DVR and less than gut instinct.
Individual stats on sacks allowed and penalties don't address the real problem the Texans have, and that's pass protection and rush blocking. After all, perhaps it was Carr's fault that he got sacked because he held the ball too long. Or maybe the play was a designed rollout and he got caught for a loss. Can't blame the line on that necessarily. Or maybe the fullback missed the pickup. Or maybe there was a blitz and nobody was assigned to pick up the guy blitzing. The point I'm making is this is a problem with the unit and cannot be broken down into a "this guy's good, this guy's bad" situation. These guys have to learn to function as a unit and until they do that, they will continue to struggle. I personally see it as more of a coaching problem than anything else. Capers is a defensive guy and he needs good help coaching the offensive line. If this thing doesn't start to gel by next year, then they should bring in a new offensive line coach who can get these guys to come together.
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