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Originally Posted by aj.
What's too bad is that you bring good stuff to the table from time to time but often ruin it with your childish rants and name calling as the debate evolves in ways that you don't agree. Carry on.
Like I really care. You bring some childish Pompous jabs about how you have the "inside" track on viewpoints. Just like we are supposed to drop down and kiss your feet because you have a so called 'relative' who attends Vikings games. We are supposed to take that as Gospel. That just reminds of the kid with basketball, its his ball and his rules and nobody is supposed to say anything. So really you are as guilty as you accuse me. Your not that squeaky clean.

Now on to the topic and enough of this.

I'm afraid Mr. Williams will be a bit expensive. If Buffalo won't be able resign him I don't we could either. But then again we threw out big money to Robaire and Walker.

And Steel Blue, how much do you think Hovan will be going for?
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