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Originally Posted by Ibar_Harry
The owner says Carr is going to be protected. Now how is this going to be done given the personnel we have and what they have said they will and will not do? Can any one make heads or tails or this? ... I don't see why the current staff is going to be that much better given injuries and age. Certainly DROB, Earl, and Babbin have added to our Team, but we have Coleman headed for Surgery, possibly Payne and age is catching up with People like Walker and Glenn. Then there were the kicking problems this year and where do we stand there?
Perhaps McNair believes that pass protection doesn't come from a change in personnel but an increased effort to see those folks come together as a unit. I agree with this approach. It takes awhile for an offensive line to come together and perhaps the assessment is that these folks have the ability -- they just need to gel. You bring in a rookie and put him in the offensive line and its like the smell of blood for a shark on the other side of the ball. You will have to accept a year or two of veteran defensive linemen eating up that youngster until he learns the ropes, just as is the case for most rookies in the secondary. Of course, at times there are guys in the mix who just can't do the job and must be replaced. But then it takes another year or two for those guys to learn to work together. As far as the kicking game goes, it was a lot more inconsistent near the end of the year than it has ever been, but I certainly wouldn't spend a lot of time on that part of the game. Brown and Staley have shown in the past that they are strong kickers and can get the job done. There are much more pressing needs than the kicking game at this point.
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