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>Originally Posted by infantrycak
Chester Pitts
2002 15.5 sacks allowed, 9 penalties including 3 false starts and 5 holds
2003 5.75 sacks allowed, 17 penalties including 8 false starts and 7 holds

2004 4 sacks allowed, 12 penalties including 7 false starts and 3 holds

Seth Wand
>2004 11.50 sacks allowed, 3 penalties--1 false start and 2 holds

I think it's ridiculous to think that you can hang stats like this on offensive linemen. Defensive linemen stunt all the time, the defensive secondary blitzes -- who gets the blame for those sacks? And where are the stats for good run blocks and pass protection? Fact is, you can't single these guys out. They must be looked at as a unit, not by themselves.
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