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Originally Posted by aj.
And you proved just that.
Yes I did, do you want me go out and find two season ticket holders where one thinks Carr is great and one that thinks Carr is bad? My point is I can find two sides to the same story.

Originally Posted by aj.
He is a trusted source to me as opposed to random message board ramblings.
Gee, you mean like the stuff you doing right now? Yours doesn't make it anymore 'valid" at this point. You are on a message board just as I am. Pompus.

Originally Posted by aj.
Actually what you said is that you felt he (Hovan) would be an "excellent" NT.
He would be an excellent pick if he came cheap. Nice try, but at least try and get the whole picture of what I am talking about. IF HE CAME CHEAP. There now maybe you can handle that. He would be better than any backup we have.
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