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I don't disagree with your thought that we may have less quality to pick from at #13 than last year. I just thought I might add some musings ...
Originally Posted by Vinny
...Last year was a deep draft ...
I think many people thought there were 7 top picks (Manning, Roethlisberger, Fitzgerald, Williams, Gallery, Taylor and Winslow) and then it dropped off. In hindsight, there was a shut down corner (Robinson), although many weren't sure that either Robinson or Hall were sure things. (Rivers was a red herring)

The one thing that hurt last year was Mike WIlliams. If he came out, it would have pushed picks around a little near the top. Instead, he pushes picks down this year. JMO.

Originally Posted by Vinny
...Last year was a deep draft so(?) I think that this year the draft is marginal at best, and really thin after the first few prospects...
What really affects the quality of the early draft is the number of Jrs who come out. Generally, Jrs. should only come out if they are looking at a sure #1 pick. (Gaffney was financially hurt for example). I'm not comfortable saying that #13 will be a lower quality pick yet until we hear from the rest of the Jrs. Won't Leinhart, Brooks and Ferguson, for example, push down some talent?

Hey Vinny, who would you trade for the Texan pick?
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