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Originally Posted by noxiousdog
... I don't know if I would go that far. With a pick of any location you can cherry pick the best players to ever come from that area.

For instance, you've gone back 11 years with picks from 8-19 for a total of 131 picks...
You're quite right that I cherry picked and that more of the drafted players didn't make the Pro Bowl than did. It's not a list of average players drafted at that slot.

I confess I didn't 'go back' 11 years as you suggest. If I had, I wouldn't have missed great players like Casey Hampton. I just took the Pro Bowl list and sorted it by draft pick range. I took range because of the different strengths of draft each year and because it's reasonable for the Texans to trade to move around a little, but not to trade up to #1 for example.

Originally Posted by noxiousdog
... I don't know that that's the level of talent they are looking for. Hoping for? Yes. Solid starter, yes. Expecting, no.
I have to agree with you again. Because the Texans have hit home runs with their first picks in each of their three years, (AJ in Pro Bowl and many saying Dunta should have been), I was trying to say "If they hit again, what kind of player can we expect," but it's perhaps unfair to expect them to hit every year and 13th is lower than they first three years.
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