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Originally Posted by HowBoutThemCowboys!
Forgot Champs Patriots!!! We played them
My bad, that brings the % of games played against playoff teams 31.25% and if you count with the bucs and 'phins, 43.75%. Yall didnt even break 50% and I gave you 2 games.

Oh yeah, I forgot. In your own words HowBoutThemCowboys!, "Enough said"

And thanks Tedc for the real strength of schedule.

Since I had nothing better to do and I love the Texans/Cowboy rivalry, I am going to throw this out there.
Here are the teams we both played:

Here are the results for both teams
Dolphins – Texans won, Cowboys lost
Pats – Texans took them to OT, ‘Boys got shutout
Falcons – Texans win (and we saw a little bit of Vick), Boys lose
Bucs – Texans, with a rookie QB, break the Bucs record of having like 40 games (its something like that) with a takeaways and acutall do what the Cowboys cant, score, Boys shutout and Carter throws 2 picks
Panthers – both win in nail bitters
Bills – both win in ugly games
Saints – both lose
Jets – Texans lose lead late in 4th, Cowboys stomp them

In games against similar oppenents the Texans have 4 victories, while the Cowboys have 3. And the Texans have more quality games against the better teams, Pats and Bucs for example. Texans got shutout once this season, and Cowboys twice.

'Anyone ready to go outside so I can make you look bad?' - Matt Schaub talking to the DBs

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