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Default Personnel changes are needed?

I'm starting this thread for a very obvious reason. 1st I don't think there are many on this board who don't believe the Texans need players at various positions. I will ask Vinny and others to contribute, because I don't see how we can we get what we need from the draft, but perhaps I'm Wrong. Then there is the question of FA, but Casserly and others are saying they aren't going to do much in FA. The owner says Carr is going to be protected. Now how is this going to be done given the personnel we have and what they have said they will and will not do? Can any one make heads or tails or this? I'm being very serious about these questions. I don't see why the current staff is going to be that much better given injuries and age. Certainly DROB, Earl, and Babbin have added to our Team, but we have Coleman headed for Surgery, possibly Payne and age is catching up with People like Walker and Glenn. Then there were the kicking problems this year and where do we stand there? Again, I have stated on more than one occassion that last years injuries took a severe toll on this team and I don't think we will recover anytime soon. That's not putting blame on anyone that is simply something that happened. It seems the words from the Organization are contradictory in nature. Does anyone have any real insight as to what they are going to do or can do given salary caps and the like...................
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