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Originally Posted by Grid

1. Conservative offenses can be as effective as unconservative ones. Just cause we arent throwing 40 yards down field every third play, doesnt mean we arent trying to win.

2. We are fashioning the team after teams like the Steelers and Dolphins. Play hard, dont worry about being sneaky.. just go out, give the opponent hell and beat them by doing your job well. Do you feel the Steelers and Dolphins dont know how to play football?

4. Carr audibles into a different play 25% of the time.. that is one out of every 4 plays.. meaning.. almost every set of downs. Most of the time the audible is into a run.

5. All the coaching staff have been signed for 2 more years... 5 year plan, remember? Consistency in the coaching staff is important.

our Oline does not give us time to let plays develop.. for most of the year it also did not allow us to have an effective running game. If an Oline cannot open running lanes, and cannot provide pass protection.. where does that leave you? thats right.. with the most sacks of the season, no trip to the playoffs, and an offensive coordinator wrongly taking all the blame.
1.&2. We have Seatle style players not Steeler style. Meaning, DD is not Bettis. Not every play needs to be 40 or bust. Quick and hard. Slants and drags. Oh yea the same routs that let us move the ball in the beginning of the season but we got away from. I think he forgets what has worked for him.

4. I agree that Carr audibles to runs. Who do you think taught him to do that?

5. No I have always heard a three year plan, Maybe I heard wrong.

as far as the OL. refer to 1&2
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