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Originally Posted by nunusguy
Gallery was not good enough to displace the Raiders starting LT, they then tried him at guard, and he finally cracked the starting lineup @ RT. And this guy was the #2 overall pick in one of the strongest drafts in years ! Al Davis
had a big time senior moment on Gallery, 'cause the second coming of Tony
Bosselli he ain't. Wand is hanging in their as our LT. He's had some tough games (like against Freeney, but everyone does), but unlike Gallery we got
value ffor our investment (3rd round pick).
I would not write Gallery off so soon. It was tough being a lineman on the Raiders this year in addition to being a rookie. If I could have Gallery instead of a first round pick this year I would take him in a instant.

I dont think the Texans line is as bad as a lot of fans think it is. There is more to blame than just the line. They provided solid blocking this year against some very good the Jags, as was pointed out in post above.
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