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Originally Posted by Grid
There is no doubt that what Vick does, gives defenses a hard time. There is also no doubting that when it comes to actually being a QB.. meaning.. throwing the ball to the open receiver. Carr is 10x better than Vick.

Now.. which is better for their team? I dunno... I cant predict the future. The Falcons are in the playoffs this year because of their defense... their offense did their part, but it was their defense that won games. Did Vick help? most definatly.. but he isnt a one man show.. he didnt single handedly win any games this year.. for the most part, his contributions came from making big runs at important times.

anyway.. this is a pointless debate. Can I compare Carr to Vick? yes I can.. Carr has better stats all around. The only difference between the two teams is the wins and losses .. and neither of the teams records can be laid at the feet of their QBs. Vick did not push them into the playoffs, and Carr did not keep us out of it. All i know is that its an unfair statement to say Vick is better than Carr.. when he has a dominating top 10 defense taking him to the playoffs.. and an Oline that gives him protection. Put Carr and our WRs on the Falcons team and we would be in the superbowl. Then again who knows.. without Vick's scrambling.. maybe the Oline wouldnt be as good.

Anyway.. I understand your arguements. Vick is exciting to watch.. he makes plays at important times, and his team is in the playoffs. My only point is that you cannot say he is a better QB than Carr, when Carr has better stats and does not have the help that Vick has
Not trying to disrespect your opinions or philosophy Grid. I can appreciate a fan sticking to their guns and sticking up for their quarterback. I have a lot of respect for David Carr and what he does on and off the field. He's a classy guy especially reading about the whole incident with his wife. He rarely loses his temper (that might be a bad thing though), hasn't openly criticized his teammates or the organization, and I've never seen him mouth an F-bomb on television (unlike Jake Delhomme in the SB). My whole thing with stats is even journeymen Qbs are prone to put up good numbers in a particular season. Does that mean they made their team any better or are more important than franchise Qbs? I don't think so. I'm not ready to compare Carr's skills and on-field performance to that of Vick. They're just too different. If your defintion of a pure quarterback is one that stands in the pocket and hands off to the running back, than Carr has more in common with Troy Aikman (maybe even Plummer) than he does Michael Vick. And no Vick's not the Falcon savior, but you have to admit they're a completely different team when he doesn't play. Anyway that's just my 2 cents and I need to boost my post level.
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