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Default Re: Wednesday PM practice complaints...

Originally Posted by NitroHonda View Post
I don't know if this is the appropriate forum so feel free to move this into the appropriate forum.

I currently live in Austin and an extremely generous poster on this board sent me a total of 2 tickets to 2 practices. I was not able to attend the first set because of work but I made sure that I was able to attend this one (August 15th PM).

I'm Deaf but I'm one of the biggest Houston Texans fans that one will ever approach. I just graduated from college and was FINALLY financially able to consider acquiring Texans season tickets at the end of the season last year. I registered myself as a candidate for purchasing season tickets.

I've not gotten a single response from the Texans in all of this time. I started to make inquiries but have been shut out because I'm 'required' to provide a telephone number in order to be a successful callback on the waiting list for season tickets. Well... I'm Deaf. I have no use for a telephone. Why would I need one? I can't even answer it!

I approached Texans_chick as well as Megan from the Chronicle for assistance but both were unsuccessful. Believe me, Stephanie and Megan went the extra mile but I always get deadlocked with the Texans front office.

Last season, I got tickets to a practice and went to it only to find out that practice was cancelled AFTER waiting in line for HOURS. I waited in line for over three hours only to be met with hostility from the employees who were running the admission section of the practice. I went home after standing in line well over two hours after practice was supposed to start BEFORE I was finally told to leave the grounds. When I realized that they were forcibly asking me to leave, I asked them to get a pen and paper and tell me what they were trying to tell me. The gatekeeper only got more and more agitated and was unwilling to take the time to write down what he was saying...

Kris Brown was leaving at the time and he noticed that I was trying to communicate with the attendant and the police officer and he intervened and acted as an interpreter (THE GUY KNOWS SIGN LANGUAGE!!! HE USED TO VOLUNTEER AT THE PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF!! WOW!!! I LOOOOOVVVVEEE CHRIS NOW although I think he's being overpaid. Heh!). He told me that pratice was cancelled two hours ago and all that. I went home unhappy but not angry. It's not their fault that I can't hear but it IS their fault that they would not meet me halfway and at least try and make this a SMUDGE easier for me rather than just trying to shoo me away.

I was afraid that this was going to happen once again with Wednesday's practice but being the loyal fan that I am... I made the drive from Austin and attended the practice. Now... I tremenously enjoyed watching the practice but I still had some severe problems that just made my evening miserable.

I arrived at 6:10 and got into line along with my boy and girlfriend (the parking attendant gave us an extra ticket for her which elated us!!). We waited in line so early because I had read on this site that you guys suggest that we attend early in order to obtain autographs. I took that to mean that we get our autographs PRIOR to the practice. They let us in at 7:15 but no autographs. I assumed that we had to wait in line so I immediately waited in line at the autograph section during most of the practice...

My boy who is five years old and Deaf went to the kid's zone and waited in line for quite some time for some of their kid's events. When it was his turn to run through the defense (blow up thingie. Moonwalk?), he was told that he could not go through so we took him to a different moonwalk because we thought that the attendant was telling us that he was too young to run that particular moonwalk. That was not the case. We waited in line for quite some time for the moonwalk that was at the END of all of the booths. It was now approaching the end of the Texans practice... it was FINALLY his turn to carry the football through the labrinyth of the moonwalk before this attendant FINALLY told us that we had to sign a waiver and obtain a wristband before he could particpate in the kids zone. We were frustrated but we did what we were told. The problem was that practice was over by then! They started to take the moonwalks down! He was extremely disappointed.

This is where it gets worse... I'd been standing in line for an autograph this whole time and was near the front of the line. They started to allow people into the line for autographs only to deny me entry because the only people that could get autographs were the first 100 fans.

What the heck?!? What I don't understand is why couldn't they have at least communicated with me? Put up a sign or something? We drove all the way here from Austin just to wait in line for nothing. We went home emptyhanded and unhappy.

On the plus side, I went to the Texans booth where they had their season tickets sales representative standing by and one heard my plight and he took my email address and he ACTUALLY contacted me today and was able to get some season tickets together for me. I have not purchased them just yet because I'm actually angry at the Houston Texans right now.

I'm a great fan and I just kept getting rejected over and over. I spent money as well as made my five year old sit in a car for a LONG time. This is what I don't understand about them. I'm N O T asking for special treatment. That's the last thing I want. I don't understand why that I'm such a burden on them (which is the attitude that I've gotten thus far). Putting up a sign would not only solve MY problems but EVERYONE's problems.

The kicker of all of this is that when we finally realized that we weren't getting what we thought that we were getting, we left and walked by the air inflated Texans helmet which was the entrance to the seats, my little boy was knocked down by some older kids (15-18) because they were roughhousing. When I told them to settle down and that they had knocked my kid down, they threatened me and tried to coax me into a fight.


I just wanna watch football.

I'm angry at the Houston Texans right now and just wanted to vent in this thread. I don't want special treatment. I just want to enjoy what you guys enjoy. This sucks.
wow, thats really hard man, i feel for you not that i know but my grandmother was deaf and she had a hard time, i hope the tickets get worked out!
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