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Default Re: Vince Benched for Violation of Team Rules

Originally Posted by Blazing Arrow View Post
What was Carr's Wonderlic score again?

My point? It seems to have no bearing on how well a player even the QB does in the NFL. It seemed to make a huge difference in him winning the OROY award.
Carr's score was a 24, thanks for asking!

I don't think anyone said that the Wonderlic had direct implications on how well a player performs on the field. (You questioned MS's score, so it must have held some meaning to you).

Some of us just question the decision making capacity of your heroes in general (which may have implications on whether or not a player is able to play in this league...see pac-man). It seems to me the Wonderlic might be a good tool for gaining insight into one's decision making/critical thinking abilities (thousands of multi-national corporations use it for that purpose, FYI).

Your 'hypothetical' implies that VY is so good, that he can single-handedly lead an in-process team to the playoffs, and/or a superbowl. I see how well that worked for your of luck with that.

You'd probably do better hoping that he'll make the team flights, stay away from cat-fights, and spend the night where he's told. But I guess you can hope in one hand and spit in the other and we'll see which one fills up first...until then I'm not willing to crown him the next Sun Tzu.

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