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Default Re: Vince Benched for Violation of Team Rules

Originally Posted by Blazing Arrow View Post
I would love to see Shammy's Wonderlic score but honestly no one ever cared enough to look at it even on draft day. I would not be suprised if they just let him pass on it. Why would a career backup QB need to take that test?
Let him pass on it...Ha! Interesting that you say that...IIRC, wasn't someone's first test mysteriously "graded incorrectly". Conspiracy theory perhaps?

Ah, well...since you asked so nicely; Matt Schaub scored a 30 on his Wonderlic...8 pts. higher than the combined scores of a certain Possum Holler QB. Come to think of it, that's higher than VY & Pac-Man's wonderlic scores put together (16+13=29 BTW)

But we'll give ol' Vinny-boy some credit, at least he answered his name correctly the first time around. So I guess functionally illiterate is the more fitting descriptor...sure glad he fits in with the constituency (Good thing too--3rd grade educations are hard to come by in Tinn-ee-cee)

On second thought, you're probably right...he shows genuine glimpses of pure genius!

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