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Originally Posted by TEXANSTAILGATER View Post
No ******! Pisses me off we have to beg for stations we should already have.

Got an e-mail addy for them?
Tell me about it...there is a new email the NFL Network sends out for you if you type in your name and address to our congressmen about the NFL Network being with held from us.....I did get a response but don't have a clue what she was trying to someone can figure it out...

Thank you for contacting me regarding the NFL Network. I welcome your thoughts and comments on this matter.

Many cable consumers are unhappy with prices and tight controls over channel packaging. In most areas only one provider offers service, limiting consumer choice and competition. The Senate Commerce Committee is holding hearings on these issues to determine whether legislation is appropriate to help foster competition in the industry. Investment in new cable wiring networks and the expansion of existing systems would furnish customers with the choices they seek and help the cable industry be more responsive to consumers' demands.

Congress has passed a law that will force all broadcasters to use digital signals for their transmissions by February 19, 2009. This was an important step so the analog frequencies can be used for emergency services and new technology. As part of this transition, an issue that has arisen is whether cable companies should be required to carry multiple broadcast channels.

Through advances in technology in the digital realm, it is possible for a broadcaster to transmit (or multi-cast) several channels over the same frequency. At issue is the requirement for cable companies to carry multiple channels from a single broadcaster. Currently, the Federal Communication Commission rule states that only one "primary video" and "program-related" channel must be aired. Many argue that allowing broadcasters to multi-cast several channels will increase consumer choice by ensuring access to a variety of programming, such as local news, religious and minority shows. Congress is in the process of determining the outcome of this controversial issue. As we move forward with digital television conversion, I will keep your thoughts in mind.

I appreciate hearing from you and hope you will not hesitate to keep in touch on any issue of concern to you.

Kay Bailey Hutchison
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