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Default Re: "Pep Band" = Embarrassment

Don't get me wrong here, I'm a big Texans fan. I love football and even played collegiately. And like I said, it is minor in the grand scheme of things, but is an issue that could easily be solved by cutting it.

Texans Chick, my panties are not in a wad. Isn't this where we're supposed to discuss this sort of stuff? You're also in 123 and haven't heard the ridicule that they receive???? I'm not one to call someone out as a liar, so are you sure you're not the one in the band- or perhaps deaf?? j/k

Vinny, I couldn't care less if these goofballs read this. Heck, I hope they do.

Texan Lee, what did I say to suggest I didn't love having a team here?? I cheer as loud as anyone else. If you're referring to the "That's Another Texan's First Down" crap, I have never been to a football game that encourages fans to go wild about something that should be so routine. Like I suggested, let's cheer for the IMPORTANT things like TOUCHDOWNS. This is VERY minor though. I shouldn't have even brought it up since my main peeve is the Pep Band.

Here's my problem with this "Pep Band". We are striving (and struggling) to build a winning franchise that is looked at as a first-class organization. To achieve this first-class franchise, we need to BE first-class both on and off the field. Having a bunch of goofy middle aged men acting like buffoons is counterproductive towards that goal. They act like clowns because, well, that's exactly what they are... CLOWNS. Is that they type of tradition we want to be associated with as we build this franchise... a clown tradition? Do you think the Colts have a congregation of clowns on the first row at the RCA Dome? I don't, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. We're talking about the "Big Time". "The League". "The NFL". Not some second rate deal. Do we want to synonymous with second-rate? I sure don't. The price I paid for my PSLs/Season Tickets sure isn't "second-rate". Just last night there were a couple of Bears fans right in front of me. I overheard them talking/laughing about our "band" earlier. Later, after the announcement that they were going to play at half time, one of them turns around and asks me something like "Which 2A high school did you guys find them at?"

I'm sure they're great fans and even better people. But tubas, trombones, immaturity, and the rest of the foolishness that accompanies them has absolutely no place in an NFL environment.

My intention is not to start an argument. We're all obviously fans- and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I am just embarrassed by this foolishness and want us to win and have the most enjoyable experience we can have at the games.... while leaving the Tylenol and Advil at home.