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Default "Pep Band" = Embarrassment

I know I am not the only one who shares this view, because I hear the ridicules from others

around me in Section 123 as well.

The "Pep Band" is a true embarrassment to the entire organization and is not helping in our

quest to become the first class NFL franchise we all want to become. The goofy behavior

exhibited by those members are constantly being laughed at by both the opposing fans that

are obviously making their first trip to Reliant and the hardcore season ticket holders

that have supported this organization from year one. With this new objective for a tougher

image, this "Pep Band" NEEDS to be removed.

As a PSL holder from day one, I have emailed the Texans organization a couple times without

much luck. I am replied with generic messages or that "they are family-fun". I'm all for

making the environment fun for children and families, but if you've ever watched their

behavior, you'd be shocked. Every Houston area high school would be embarrassed to have

them on the sidelines on a Friday night.

I urge ya'll to submit your thoughts on this subject and hopefully we can get something

done. If the Texans are that adamant about how important the "band's" role is, why don't

we move them to the home side and away from me and the other disgusted fans who get bi-

weekly headaches each fall from them around Sec 123?

While I'm on the subject about goofy traditions, how do ya'll feel about the "First Down

Texans" chant after every first down? While I'm pumped about first downs, the need to yell

it is woeful. Let's start getting excited about "TOUCHDOWN TEXANS" like every other

football program in the country!!

While these two things are minor, I feel they could help improve our image dramatically.

Like I already said, I've been in the same seats
from the beginning and have heard the same things from others around me.