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Default Working with NON-Texan fans

Yesterday started out brutal. My General Foreman (Cowgirl Fan) walked up and sarcastically asked who won the Dallas game. After about 8 guys in my crew starting gloating over the astounding victory over the Super Bowl Champs, he then said if you want a good laugh the Texans played Saturday. Well it was on then. I told them how impessively they handled the 2,3,and 4th stringers and they ought to be proud.Then I was made aware of a "Stupid Draft" move we made last year for someone nobody had ever heard of. Now who's stupid? After about 30 minutes of Texan bashing, I started laying down some facts alot from what I have read here.By the end of the conversation they were all saying that they agree the Texans will be better than years past. I'm not sure if it was the things I pointed out, or when I asked when was the last time they made the playoffs( which by the way I answered for them) that changed their tone. Either way Dallas fans still suck like their team.
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